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Gaston & Wyatt, originally Gaston, Murray & Wyatt, was founded in May 1979 by Blaise Gaston, Chris Murray and Rick Wyatt just off River Road in Charlottesville.  As the company's size and reputation grew, so did the caliber of the assignments that Gaston & Wyatt was asked to undertake. Important residential and historical work led to the company's expansion into projects outside of Charlottesville in the Northeast and other markets.  


Eventually, Chris and Blaise left the company to pursue their individual interests in furniture making.  Blaise continues this work today through Blaise Gaston Furniture.  From here forward, the company was guided by the knowledge, skill and passion of Rick Wyatt.  Over time, he built a company that was made up of true craftsmen and a dedicated office staff.  Gaston & Wyatt grew to be more than just a company -- to many it was and remains extended family.


In the late 1990s, the company expanded into the sale of Marvin and other high quality windows and doors and then ultimately into interior and entry doors and       

Gaston & Wyatt has a long, rich and colorful history that is an important part of who we are....

hardware.  The ability to offer complete window, door and custom millwork packages to our clients became an important part of our business.  In 2011, Mark Wingerd was hired to lead this critical part of our business, setting the stage for an even higher level of service and growth.


In March 2013 after 35 years of building Gaston & Wyatt and its reputation, Rick Wyatt retired and transferred ownership of the company to its now current owners, Keith Cutts, John Deal and Scott Viemeister.  Shortly thereafter, the company moved into an expansive 50,000 square foot facility to provide an expanded home for its growing operations.  Sadly, on November 10, 2013 just after the move was completed, Rick Wyatt passed away at far too young an age.  While his wit and guidance are sorely missed, his legacy continues through the work of the team he assembled. 


Today Gaston & Wyatt is growing rapidly, forging new customer relationships and nurturing existing ones, while adhering to the same standards for craftsmanship that have made the Company what it is today.  We continue to hire experienced craftsmen and project managers that both complement and elevate our current extraordinary team.  An exciting new chapter in the company's history has begun.

Shop at Allied Street

Belleview Avenue, Circa 1979

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